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Welcome to the downloads page. Here you can download the swf file of any of our games so that you can play them offline, or embed them on your website. We only ask that if you put any of our games on your website that you don't change the dimensions of the games or block the in-game adverts. If you want one of our games on your site without in-game ads, contact us here.
Duck Life: Treasure Hunt
After the Fire Duck was defeated, the volcano's eruption revealed an ancient cave. Treasure is inside! Are you ready to take on the challenge and explore the cave?
Rating 92%
Plays 359K
DuckLife 4
Train your team of ducks to reach the top of the duck racing championship in this long-awaited sequel
Rating 90%
Plays 1.3M
DuckLife 3: Evolution
Train up your duck and enter it in races! This time, Ducklife meets Pokemon as the ducks can evolve to become naturally better at certain skills.
Rating 86%
Plays 1.4M
Truck Launch Maniac 2
Upgrade and launch a monster truck off a ramp into a valley filled with obstacles and hot air balloons!
Rating 83%
Plays 174K
DuckLife 2: World Champion
Train up a duckling then enter it in races to become the world champion of duck racing! (yes duck racing exists)
Rating 83%
Plays 425K
Train up a duckling then enter it in races! As you play the training mini games, the duck levels up, making it faster during the races
Rating 83%
Plays 547K
There is no jump button, instead you automatically jump when you run off a ledge! You are going to need both skill and intelligence if you hope to beat this game!
Rating 83%
Plays 9.1K
Portal 2D
A tribute to Valve's popular console puzzle game Portal 2, which uses almost every feature from the original in 25 epic levels!
Rating 80%
Plays 320K
Rocket Boots Inc.
Steal the Rocket Boots from the facility and escape using their awesome rocket powers!! Avoid lasers, collect coins and buy upgrades
Rating 79%
Plays 72K
Monster Truck Maniac 2
The sequal to Monster Truck Maniac. This time there are 24 missions and 6 mini games, and you can customise your truck!
Rating 79%
Plays 93K
Kill Justin Beaver
Kill the super annoying Justin Beaver with bottles and more! It's everyone's fantasy - to kill a beaver that looks like Justin Bieber with bottles
Rating 78%
Plays 289K
noitcelfeR 2
Use reflections to jump across obstacles in the sequel to the new concept puzzle platformer. Play levels that other people have created and create your own for the world to play!
Rating 77%
Plays 245K
Truck Launch Maniac
Upgrade your truck, then launch it off a ramp into a bomb and sign post infested field. Try to get all of the achievements!
Rating 77%
Plays 350K
Monster Truck Maniac
Drive your bomb-proof monster truck through 16 missions and 3 highscore mini games!
Rating 77%
Plays 99K
Kill Miley Flyrus
Stop Miley Flyrus raving havoc with her terrible music and twerking. Use various weapons to swat this fly before she tries to dance again!
Rating 76%
Plays 94K
Run!!! Can you see where youíre going?? Then youíre not running fast enough!!! Run fast without dying in this single button platformer
Rating 75%
Plays 166K
You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump!
Rating 75%
Plays 167K
Kill Donald Skunk
Your wall can't save you now Donald Skunk! This is the game that lets you unleash your political frustrations. Repeatedly. In the face.
Rating 75%
Plays 5K
Mini Games Ultimate
The ultimate collection of mini games. Play through the 7 mini games and then submit your overall score to the online highscore boards!
Rating 71%
Plays 125K
The game all about the lives of smileys. Throw some smileys about or fire them out of a cannon at each other.
Rating 70%
Plays 148K
Monster Truck Maniac 3
The third in the series, Monster Truck Maniac 3 is the biggest and best Monster Truck Maniac game ever!
Rating 70%
Plays 141K
Alternate Dimensions
Champion over these twisting and futuristic obstacles in this mind-bending puzzle game, with only a spaceship and a box!
Rating 69%
Plays 98K
Baby Boom Redux
The game where you have to try not to blow up a baby with a bomb. Shouldn't be too hard right?
Rating 67%
Plays 105K
Drumkit Simulator
Play and record your own drum beats by pressing buttons on your keyboard. You can even share them with your friends by copying the code created.
Rating 66%
Plays 91K
The Arcade
A collection of arcade-found mini games, all for free! Including the grabber machine, Whack-a-Mole, stop at 1000 and more!
Rating 65%
Plays 92K
Face Shot
Try to shoot the faces using as few bullets as possible over 25 levels, then submit your score online!
Rating 65%
Plays 529K
Skyline Skater
Ollie over obstacles and between buildings on the city skyline without being pushed off the screen or falling between the buildings!
Rating 63%
Plays 769K
Mirrored Maze 2
The mouse avoider with a twist! Control two cursors at once around a deadly deadly maze, now with a level editor!
Rating 62%
Plays 85K
Mirrored Maze 3
Have you ever played maze games before? Well this one has a difference - you control 2 different cursors at the same time. One of them is a normal cursor, but one of them is mirrored.
Rating 61%
Plays 140K
Just a Trim Please
Control a lawnmower to perfect each garden in this short puzzler. Don't go over grass that's already mown or you'll find yourself stuck in the mud!
Rating 61%
Plays 102K
Bouncy Cat
Bounce your cat through the endless field of obstacles in this addictive single button skill game!
Rating 59%
Plays 31K
Bee Battle
The fast paced racing bee game. Compete in single player mode for a highscore, or race against friends in two player mode.
Rating 57%
Plays 146K
Cave Swimming
Control a little guy with a pointy torch-hat through a tunnel to try and get the farthest distance without hitting the sides.
Rating 56%
Plays 256K
Face Shot 2
Try to burst all 21 face-like balloons using different gun types in tricky, puzzling levels!
Rating 54%
Plays 75K
The Orbit Game
An experimental game - try and make the satellite last as long in orbit as you can without hitting a star and destroying it
Rating 53%
Plays 102K
The fast paced typing test to test your fast paced typing. Are you really as good at typing as you think you are? Find out with this test, which tests both your speed and accuracy.
Rating 52%
Plays 71K
Attack Of The Giant Viruses
Giant viruses have taken over the world. Escape them and survive the virus apocalypse!
Rating 52%
Plays 107K
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