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Jumphobia is going XL! We have added 40 brand new levels including 30 of the best made by players like you. On top of that are 4 brand new obstacles - keys, doors, spike monsters and fan buttons.

30 player-made levels

We have taken 30 of the best levels that our players have made and spruced them up a bit to create the players pack! The design and creativity in these levels are far beyond what we could have imagined. You will not be disappointed!

New level pieces

In Jumphobia XL, we have added 4 new level pieces. Fan buttons toggle all fans in the room on and off. Spike monsters spin around, make sure not to jump on their spikes! Collect keys in order to open doors. You can even collect a key in one room to open a door in another.

You can use these new level pieces in the level editor. We can't wait to see what puzzles you come up with, and to offer some ideas we have included 10 levels which use the new level pieces.

What is Jumphobia?

Are you ready for the ultimate puzzle platforming challenge? There is no jump button, instead you automatically jump when you run off a ledge! You are going to need both skill and intelligence if you hope to beat this game!

It's not going to be easy, not when there are monsters, spikes, buzzsaws, swinging maces, crumble blocks, springs, balloons, gravity flip arrows, fans, ice and bombs to look out for!

The fun doesn't stop there - create your very own levels using the built in level maker and share them with the world! You can play other people's levels and rate them. Can you make the best rated level ever??